Nokia Announces October 22nd Event, Possibly For A Lumia Phablet

Nokia may have one last smartphone surprise to share before it officially joins Microsoft.

Nokia Announces October 22nd Event, Possibly For A Lumia Phablet

Nokia revealed a special event on October 22nd. It’s promoting it with the hashtags “#innovationreinvented,” “#blazing,” and “#stories” and an image of what appears to be skiers descending not your usual alpine snows, but the steep face of a desert dune. That doesn’t give us many clues as to what exactly the company will be sharing, but the hot rumors on the Internet are that it’ll be the Lumia 1520… Possibly Nokia’s last gasp at smartphone innovation under its own steam.

The Lumia 1520, codename “Bandit,” has apparently leaked out in several different photos over the last few weeks, and it’s a curious beast. Unlike the petite, svelte Lumia smarpthones that Nokia’s released before, the 1520 has a screen much bigger than five inches. That places it firmly in the “phablet” category, a Frankenstein-esque gadget genre that Samsung has more or less made its own with the larger devices from the sprawling Galaxy Android range. Nokia’s device will run, of course, Windows Phone 8, but apart from that there are no hard and fast data about its other specifications.

Nokia is losing the right to make Lumia smartphones as part of its buyout deal with Microsoft. Recent rumors have suggested that Nokia was seriously considering moving away from Windows as a mobile operating system, and may have been planning to make Android devices, effectively tipping Microsoft’s hand.

[Image via Flickr user: Martin Abegglen]

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