Use Your Words: Rosetta Stone Launches Apps For Preschoolers

Here’s why the ubiquitous language software company is targeting the “Dora” demographic with Spanish-teaching apps for kids.

Use Your Words: Rosetta Stone Launches Apps For Preschoolers

Rosetta Stone is expanding into the kids app market. The company just announced a line of iOS Spanish-learning apps for toddlers. The new, free Lingo Letters app teaches kids English phonetics while introducing them to the Spanish alphabet and common everyday phrases. West Stringfellow, Rosetta Stone’s CPO, told Fast Company the launch is part of the company’s effort to steer more products into the mobile space.

Lingo Letters also uses tech leveraged from Rosetta Stone’s acquisition of Livemocha earlier this year. The language learning brand acquired them in 2013, largely for their cloud platform and back-end potential. In recent years, Rosetta Stone has aggressively revamped their branding and sales method–they shuttered their ubiquitous mall kiosks earlier this year and are steering customers towards subscription-based online products instead of a onetime multi-hundred-dollar investment.

[Image: Flickr user James Emery]

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Lingo Letter Sounds used technology leveraged from Rosetta Stone’s Lexia acquisition. According to Rosetta Stone, Lexia’s technology and assets were not related to the release.