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Kleenex's Flu Prediction Tool Will Tell You When You're Going To Get Sick

The facial tissue brand is promoting a new flu prediction tool that tells you when you're going to get sick (so you can conveniently stock up on Kleenex beforehand).

The cold season is stealthily creeping in, and Kleenex wants to be on your mind even before you start feeling feverish. The facial tissue brand has created a digital tool called Achoo to predict when you'll start getting the flu this year, AdAge reports.

The prediction tool, which will live at, uses data from the Centers for Disease Control to predict which areas will be germ-ridden three weeks before outbreaks start. This prediction strategy is different from existing flu tracker tools like Google Flu Trends, which focuses on mapping outbreak trends in near real time. Kleenex brand manager Anna Elledge says the prediction tool has been 90% accurate in preliminary tests.

At the end of the month, Achoo will predict the top five to 10 cities expected to get hit by flu season the hardest. Visitors will also be able to enter their zip code to get up to speed on regional cold and flu forecasts.

[Image: Robert S. Donovan]