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Now Uber Lets You Share Your ETA With Friends

Punctuality: It's the politeness of kings.

Now Uber Lets You Share Your ETA With Friends

Uber, one of the bigger beasts of the sharing economy, has launched a new feature that allows its users to tell their friends what time they are due to arrive at their destination. Choose the Share My ETA option and your friends will receive an SMS with a link to a live-updating map of where their limo (or tour bus or private jet or boat) is. How considerate.

The firm, which has a presence in 41 cities in 16 countries—including China—was only set up in 2009 but its latest round of funding has already pushed its value up to around $3.5 billion. Earlier this month it announced a deal with the NFL to chauffeur its players around for free.

[Image courtesy of Uber]