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Apple's New Ad Shows iPhone 5S's Colors Off To Perfection

The new ad for the iPhone 5C markets the phone like a candy bar.

Apple's marketing department has decided that the iPhone 5C should be marketed like a chocolate bar, despite it only coming in the fruitiest and poppiest of colors. Its "Plastic Perfected" ad is 30 seconds of liquid color, while Sleigh Bells croon "Rill Rill" in the background. It makes for hypnotic viewing, watching the liquid swirl around, forming the shape of the phone, while features such as the camera lens, volume buttons, and charger socket pop up in the correct places.

Demand for the firm's first ever cheaper smartphone is high, with shipping times indicating that the pink and white versions of the 5C are selling out. China's Unicom network told Bloomberg that 100,000 units of both the 5C and its dearer cousin, the 5S, have been reserved. In the U.S., Sprint has announced that it will offer the 5C up to new customers for free.

Can you imagine Microsoft doing that to market its new/old plastic phone, the Nokia Lumia? I don't think so.

[Image: Flickr user MikeFinkelstein]