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Can Angry Birds Teach Children Math, Science, Music, Language, and More?

Angry Birds Playground uses Rovio's beloved characters to facilitate learning among kindergarten-aged children.

Can Angry Birds Teach Children Math, Science, Music, Language, and More?

Rovio and the University of Helsinki have developed an education program called Angry Birds Playground that aims to teach kindergarten-aged children math, science, music, language, arts, crafts, physical education, and social interaction, the Guardian reports.

Featuring the game maker's beloved irate fowls, the program debuted in China last week and will launch in a Shanghai early-learning center. The program, developed for young pupils in Finland, will incorporate a mix of digital content as well as books, posters, physical games, and musical instruments.

For a while, it seemed like Rovio was slapping Angry Birds on everything, from Seattle's Space Needle to the Star Wars franchise. But Sanna Lukander, Rovio's vice president of learning and book publishing, says this educational initiative is designed to use the recognition of the game and its characters to facilitate learning.

"It's not just games we're talking about here: It's a full 360-degree approach to learning, where games are just one part of it. It's not learning by sitting down and playing with a digital device," she said.

[Image: Flickr user Melinda Seckington]