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Where Are They Now?

Early Analysis: Apple's Colorful iPhone Gamble Is Paying Off

Order times for some iPhone 5C colors are slipping, indicating early supplies are selling out.

Early Analysis: Apple's Colorful iPhone Gamble Is Paying Off

According to reports, the expected delivery dates for Apple's brand new iPhone 5C device, which had slipped back as far as October 4th for some models in U.S. stores, have now been readjusted to September 25th for all colors. Considering that's still a delay of five days over the launch date, and that the yellow iPhone 5C was the first to sell out, it looks like Apple's iPhone 5C is already in high demand.

Embracing a totally different color set and plastic case for the iPhone 5C (in a style that may inescapably remind you of all sorts of other colorful branded products) is a big move by Apple to change its iPhone marketing model. It tried this move before with the iPod to broaden the appeal of the device as it matured in the market.

A Reddit poll that garnered 6,000 responses suggests the pink and white phones are the most popular among that audience. The least favorite colors are yellow and green. The poll also suggested consumers are more interested in the 5S "full" iPhone rather than the cheaper 5C. The 5S isn't available on Apple pre-order however, so there's no information on how well it will sell ahead of the launch date.

By the simple expedient of changing the iPhone's color, it looks like Apple is on track to pull off another big success. That'll be one in the eye for Microsoft and its downright bitchy marketing campaign—which it was forced to pull.

[Image courtesy of Apple]