Putting The Micro In Micro-Entrepreneur, For $5 to $500 A Gig

Fiverr lets you access people with a special (but non-time-consuming) talent for just $5 a task.

The sharing economy has created a new category of businessperson: the micro-entrepreneur. Now you don’t need a storefront or an office or even a website to make money, you can simply use a sharing economy service to rent your car or your time.


But the startup Fiverr is going even smaller than that. Perhaps you’re good at writing, juggling chainsaws, puppeteering or creating animations. You can now advertise $5 to $500 worth of that skill and get someone to pay for it. “It’s the sweet spot. It’s a very low risk price,” says Micha Kaufman, the cofounder and CEO.

As the video above–in which we paid a lot of people $5 to help us out–it’s the natural extension of what we like to call the gig economy, and Kaufman says there is possibility to make real money: “If you can slice your skill thin enough, you can do five or 10 services per hour,” he says.

About the author

Vivek Kemp is Fast Company's Senior Video Producer. He has worked for NBC Network News, News Corporation's The Daily and the Naples Daily News.