Go Inside Google Garage, The Collaborative Workspace That Thrives On Crazy, Creative Ideas

When a company gets big (like over 30,000 employees big), how does it retain a culture of innovation that celebrates experimentation, creativity, and crazy, cool ideas?

Enter the Google Garage, a space that according to Program Manager Mamie Rheingold serves as a “commons where Googlers can come together from across the company and learn, create, and make.”

“We packed in way too many people into this space, they were literally elbow to elbow,” she says. “What happened was they kind of just had to collaborate. If you can’t ignore the person next to you, you might as well collaborate with them.”

“The environment influences human behavior,” says Frederik Pferdt, Global Program Manager for Innovation and Creativity. “So if you want to encourage creativity, and wild ideas, and moonshot thinking, you should create that exact environment that helps you achieve that.”

Check out the video above for a look inside.