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Butt Wipes Are Getting Major Face Time In Dollar Shave Club's New Ads Featuring NFL Centers

One Wipe Charlies, Dollar Shave Club's butt wipes for men, are front and center in the brand's new "Clean Snap" ad spot featuring four NFL centers.

The Dollar Shave Club first became popular for its low-cost, monthly subscription service for men's razors, but recently it's been gaining attention for its One Wipe Charlies, the flushable butt wipes for men it introduced in June.

The butt wipes are about to get some big face time with a new fall ad campaign. One Wipe Charlies' "Clean Snap" radio spots will tap four NFL offensive linemen to promote the wipes with the tagline, "Every great play starts with a clean snap," AdAge reports. For each tweet that uses the #cleansnap hashtag, Dollar Shave Club says it will donate $1 to the charity of the players' choice.

Of his decision to feature linemen in the ad spots rather than, say, more recognizable quarterbacks, Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin said, "Everybody's got their eye on the center's ass all season long."

Other commercial brands, like Cottonelle, have started introducing their own lines of flushable wipes for adults, and the research firm Smithers Apex predicts the market for adult wipes will reach $2.4 billion in the next five years.

But not all flushable wipes are 100% biodegradable (Dollar Shave Club says One Wipe Charlies are). Flushable wipes were recently the subject of a Washington Post report stating the wipes are responsible for a 35% increase in sewage clogs in the greater Washington, D.C. area in the last few years.

[Image: Flickr user Wilson Hui]

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