• 09.16.13

How Many Facebook Messages, Tweets, And Phone Calls Does It Take To Fall In Love?

A new study by U.K. electronics retailer Pixmania shows that young people are becoming couples faster than ever, thanks to social media, and breaks down how much digital data it takes to fall in love.

How Many Facebook Messages, Tweets, And Phone Calls Does It Take To Fall In Love?

In the ’90s film, Swingers, which some consider to be the bro-bible, the concept of waiting three days to call someone whose number you’ve obtained is immortalized as “industry standard.” It’s a different world we’re living in now, though, one in which social media has thrown all accepted wisdom out the window, and closed the tab.


A new study conducted by U.K. electronics retailer Pixmania shows that not only are there more ways than ever to court someone–hello Facebook stalking!–there are now also different standards for how quickly you fall in love with them. In short, things have accelerated wildly.

Couples over the age of 55 specified that on average it took more than two and a half months to achieve couplehood. Millennials do it quicker, though, with a reported average of 24 days to start calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. The difference-maker here is that the classic style of wooing involved face time and phone calls, parceled out over time through the prism of a respectful distance. Younger couples now have the nuclear option of constant contact, and accordingly, the study says it takes an average of 224 tweets, 163 text messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 emails, and only 30 phone calls for these folks to fall for each other. It’s a lot to cram into a few weeks, but not if you’re used to using social media all the time anyway.

Of course, if you live by the coldly impersonal communication, you die by the coldly impersonal communication. The study also reveals that 27% of its participants are perfectly content to break up with someone via text message.

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