Twitter Is Handing Out Stock To Keep Employees Happy

Twitter seems to be approaching its upcoming IPO carefully, and is granting stock to key employees–not just management–to keep them from fleeing the nest.

Twitter Is Handing Out Stock To Keep Employees Happy

Twitter’s IPO came quietly, even stealthily, and seems to have caught the entire tech world by surprise. But this doesn’t seem to mean the efforts are rushed–and Twitter is reportedly being quite smart about its post-IPO business plans by granting stock awards to key staff members.

AllThingsD reports that Twitter is giving key staff across the company stock, in addition to the usual management stock rewards that typically accompany an IPO. The stock vests over four years, and thus will act as a set of golden handcuffs to retain important employees who’ve helped make the company what it is today for the long term. Twitter is trying to avoid a brain and management drain, which is the sort of unfortunate side effect that seemed to hit Facebook in the aftermath of its slightly bungled IPO. While Facebook and Twitter are very different beasts, and have different sized businesses, you can be sure that Twitter’s management is sensitive to the mess that Mark Zuckerberg found himself in.

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