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It Just Got A Little Bit Harder To Get A Celebrity’s Attention On Twitter

Twitter’s “verified” users get a way to mute the public’s chatter and only see mentions from fellow celebs.

It Just Got A Little Bit Harder To Get A Celebrity’s Attention On Twitter

In a blog post, Twitter says it rolled out a new content-filtering service to its users–but only if they’re verified. Verified users typically have some celebrity status or other socially significant role. As of now, verified Twitter users will be able to see their mentions filtered so that only mentions from their fellow Twitter celebs show up.

Twitter says this sort of development is made thanks to feedback from users. Apparently verified users wanted to be able to manage their conversations more easily by tuning out the thousands of fan mentions they get every day. Twitter is being smart about its own future here too. After all, it’s the enormous reach of many celebrity tweets, which can quickly communicate information to millions of users, that helps make the entire social network as popular and powerful as it is.

Twitter has just filed an IPO, and is presumably very busy organizing its business structure and outlining its future plans. Moves like this one are probably key to the financial negotiations, because they demonstrate that Twitter has serious plans for delivering services to its users as well as appealing to advertisers.

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