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Google's Deal With The Pentagon For Cheap Jet Fuel Is Over

What's a billionaire globetrotter to do?

Google's travel bill just got a whole lot more expensive. Its long-standing deal with the Department of Defense that allowed it to buy "sharply discounted" jet fuel has run its course and will not be renewed, reports the Wall Street Journal. The deal was put in place because Google's seven jets and two helicopters are based at Moffett Federal Airfield, also home to a NASA research center, and just three miles away from Google's Mountain View HQ.

The deal, which allowed H211 LLC, a private firm that represents aircraft belonging to Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt, to house its jets on the airfield, despite the airstrip being closed to most non-governmental air traffic. It allowed H211 LLC to buy aviation fuel at an average of $3.19 per gallon, compared to the usual price of $4.35 per gallon.

[Image: Addy Dugdale]