Exchange Your Old IPad… For A Microsoft Surface Tablet?

The six-week promotion, in the firm’s physical retail stores, offers customers the chance of a minimum of $200 off either a Surface RT or Surface Pro.

Exchange Your Old IPad… For A Microsoft Surface Tablet?

Microsoft has launched a promotional trade-in aimed at persuading iPad owners that its struggling Surface tablet is a worthy rival to the Apple version. Anyone with a “gently used” iPad 2, 3, or 4 can come into one of the firm’s physical retail stores and upgrade their Apple product for a shiny new RT or Pro model–not one of the cheaper devices on the market–and get a $200 gift card in return.

The offer runs in selected Microsoft stores in North America, until October 27. It seems to be the firm’s latest attempt to woo consumers with its products–last month, it announced a partnership with Best Buy, which would see 600 Microsoft mini-stores appearing in Best Buy locations all over the U.S.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates urged the firm to be more innovative this year, but Redmond–certainly Steve Ballmer–didn’t see the mobile computing revolution coming. Its initial order to its Surface suppliers was for between three and five million units. As of March this year, 1.5 million had been sold.

Earlier this month, the firm announced it was buying Nokia’s phone business for $7 billion. Can we expect to see an iPhone/Lumia trade-in in the near future?

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