“I Didn’t Know” Is Not A Valid Excuse

“I Didn’t Know” Is Not A Valid Excuse

Walking into any event, meeting, or situation without doing your homework–read: research–does not give you the right to claim ignorance and still expect things to go your way. That’s a pretty harsh statement but you have 24-hour news on a thousand different channels, news websites, and blogs, and free search engines where you can find all sorts of information at any time.

Case in point:

For anyone who was shocked and/or dismayed by Miley Cyrus’ performance on the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)–get over it! If you had paid attention to any news in the weeks or even years prior to this televised cable event, you would have known several things:

• Miley Cyrus has not been Hannah Montana for a long time
• Miley Cyrus grew up
• Miley Cyrus has risqué videos on her social media outlets
• Miley Cyrus does not want to be thought of as a “good girl”
• Miley Cyrus was scheduled to sing a duet with Robin Thicke
• Robin Thicke has the #1 summer anthem, titled “Blurred Lines”
• “Blurred Lines” is about, well, blurred lines and sex
• MTV has always crossed the line on the VMAs (and other shows on the network)
• MTV likes bad girls
• Many things do indeed rhyme with “hug me”

Whether or not you like Miley Cyrus or what she did (or does in the future) is not the point. The point is, with today’s technology and 24-hour news cycle, you have access to more information and news than ever before and you should have known this was not going to be even close to a Hannah Montana performance.

Do your homework before you go into that meeting or watch that television show with your kids. The information is there waiting to be found. Just do it.

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