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21_Siemens AG

For its R&D ambitions in energy, transportation, and health care

21_Siemens AG

As the European financial union buckled last year, Germany stood out as the EU’s rock-solid exception. Siemens, the country’s mammoth technology conglomerate that builds everything from power plants to trains, enjoyed the most successful year in its history. Some highlights:

NO NUKES: In the wake of the Fukushima disaster, Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy opened the door for a host of Siemens technologies, such as a new “combined-cycle” gas power plant that achieves record efficiencies of more than 60%.

GROUND GAME: Recently, Siemens built its own electric car–but not to compete with, say, Tesla. “We want to become a leading producer of components,” says research VP Reinhold Achatz. His team also wanted to understand how EVs may soon affect urban infrastructure.

AIR STRIKES: Engineers debuted the first hybrid electric plane last June, a two-seater that can reduce fuel and emissions by 25%. Scaling up to a larger aircraft is next.

CRITICAL DATA: A revolutionary scanner integrates several imaging technologies so doctors can view organ position, function, and metabolic activity simultaneously.


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