5 Free Apps That Will Kill Spam, Help You Get Fit, Make You A Wine Expert, And Much More

Because it’s Friday and there are some really great free apps out there, we’d like to present the next installment of . . . Free App Friday! Catchy name, no?

If you’re trying to (actually) start living a healthier lifestyle, attemping to break into the world of wine, or are just completely sick of the amount of shopping-related spam in your inbox, this edition of Free App Friday will put a smile on your face.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so put it on today’s to-do list. (iOS)

If you’re like us, after reading Fast Company‘s recent story on you said to yourself: “Wow, that’s a really cool app. Too bad it probably costs like $5.00.”

Oh, what’s that? It’s free! is a low-commitment fitness app that tracks users throughout the day. Instead of having hundreds of confusing options and metrics, it only has one objective: Get 30 minutes of activity a day.

Users who download the app need only activate it and keep their phone in their bag or pocket. If they start moving for more than a minute, the tracker kicks in, and based on speed, it can tell if users are walking, running, or bicycling (or driving or taking public transit, which would be disqualified). A circular counter slowly fills in as users work toward 30 minutes of daily activity.

Hello Vino–Wine Assistant (iOS and Android)


The world of wine is confusing. Actually, no, it’s terrifying.

Enter Hello Vino, the app that boasts “NO SNOBS ALLOWED” (thank god). It features a handy wine label scanner that lets you snap a photo of a wine bottle and instantly pull up reviews and food pairings and a library of recommendations.

Any.DO Task & To-do List (iOS and Android)

Any.DO is a fun and playful task manager. Fun and playful? Yes. If you don’t believe us, just check out the video below:

PeeqPeeq (iOS)

You get a lot of emails from retailers. Whatever percentage it may be–5%, 10%, 25%–it’s hard to keep track of how muich exactly you should ignore or actually pay attention to. Why? Because when a new email pops into your inbox in the middle of the day (you know, when you’re trying to do real work), your first instinct is to delete it.


PeeqPeeq keeps all those promotional emails out of your inbox by automatically sorting them and rearranging them in a format similar to a catalog. So when you’re ready to do some shopping, just open the app and it’ll all be waiting for you.

Dots (Android)

Dots is a simple and well-designed game. How simple? All you have to do is connect as many same-colored dots as you can in 60 seconds.

See? Easy. But maybe addictive is a better word for it.

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