Patent Suggests Google Is Designing A More Normal-Looking Google Glass

An unearthed Google patent, originally filed in March 2012, documents a new variant on the Google Glass headset. In the patent, Google described a Glass edition built into a traditional-looking set of eyeglasses. Perhaps soon, users with who already have spectacles won’t need to hack Google Glass.

The patent introduction describes “a frame configured to be worn on the head of a user, the frame including first and second rims with lenses affixed therein and a bridge portion positioned between the first and second rims” with a bridge that sites on the user’s nose, and arms that sit on the ears. That’s a description of a typical set of glasses, and is different to Glass’s current Star Trek incarnation. The image also shows something we’ve not really seen before in Glass–a display over the user’s left eye. This could suggest Google will eventually prove it’s got a nice side and cater for folks who are left-eye dominant. Like your writer here.

The patent suggests Google realizes Glass needs to look good in order to succeed among the masses. Right now, even Google’s own developers won’t wear Glass.

[Image via Flickr user: Ted Eytan]KE