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McDonald's Is Testing An App That Lets You Order And Pay Via Smartphone

Want even faster food? There's a McApp for that.

Lovers of McDonalds who feel their fast food isn't quite fast enough could soon be able to order their burger-n-fries using a mobile app. The chain is testing a mobile payment app that allows customers to order and pay for their meal before picking it up. The app is being tested in two U.S. cities: Salt Lake City and Austin.

The app, aimed at teens and millennials, will also come with a side order of promotions, offers, and a loyalty program. Fast Mexican food chain Chipotle already has one of these. ( Perhaps we'll see a fake hack of McDonalds' Twitter feed shortly, similar to this summer's stunt from Chipotle.)

Expect to see some jostling in the (BBQ chicken) wings from competitors of the Golden Arches—one of Burger King's most recent innovations was a Rib Sandwich, very similar to McDonalds' McRib. And last year, the fast food firm tried an app that used a wave-and-pay system in Austria.

[Image: Flickr user Editor B]