Interactive Mosaic of Canada Is Also a Heat Map of Happiness And Other Emotions

Canadian classified site Kijiji rolls out a crowdsourced mosaic of Canada that serves as a living work of art.

When online classified site Kijiji wanted to engage Canadians, it didn’t put out a cleverly worded ad–it launched an interactive art project. “Finding Yourself in Canada” celebrates the scenery, energy, and emotion of being from, or in, Canada with a living photo mosaic that anyone can contribute to.


Kijiji’s Andrew Lee says they were looking for a unique way to involve their users and other Canadians in a collaborative project that “celebrated all of the ways they love Canada and love being Canadian.”

Loading mosaic screen

People can upload photos taken in Canada from their computer, Facebook, or Instagram and then tag images with an emotion. The photo is then added to the ever-changing mosaic of that emotion. After they submit their image or images, they are added to the corresponding mosaics. So if someone uploads an image of them at Niagara Falls and tags it with “Happy,” that image will become part of the “Happy Mosaic.” The more images added, the higher the resolution of the mosaic becomes. And for added enjoyment, those who contribute photos are entered into a raffle to win a new DSLR camera.

“The goal was to create something fun, novel, and interactive that allowed for all participants to collectively appreciate the unique beauty of Canada. Our goal was to create a collaborative artistic celebration of the places in Canada that awaken emotions, and really Lee. “Over time, the mosaics will become like a living art project, where visitors can browse the images of others segmented by emotions in a way that gives them insight into how others feel connected to all of the incredible places that Canada has to offer.”

While one expects the experience will improve as more people add their photos to the mosaic, and subsequently spend a lot of time finding themselves amid the tiny images, the concept itself is very fitting of the Canadian identity, which is based on being a welcoming, multicultural mosaic.

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