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This Is Perhaps The Best Use Of Drones Yet

Taking Autism To The Sky is a new project in Wisconsin that teaches children with autism how to build and fly their own drones.

A new project launched on Kickstarter is teaching young people with autism how to construct and fly their own hexarotor.

Taking Autism To The Sky, based in Madison, Wisconsin, teaches participants basic electronic skills such as construction and soldering. Founder Paul Braun says that "people with autism struggle with perspective taking, empathy, and change. They often see the world as black and white, desiring predictability and struggle with understanding other people's point of view. They also experience the world in very concrete terms. We want to convey this issue of perspective taking in a pragmatic, physical manner that makes sense to them. We want them to see their world from the air. We want to take autism to the sky."

The small group of initial participants has already built their hexarotor and taken videos from it. One sample video is shown above. The project, which initially raised funds on Kickstarter, is for children of all ages. Safety issues were covered for participants, and children also learned how to make their own aerial videos.