What Not To Do On 9/11, Starring AT&T, The $9.11 Newspaper Deal, Others

It’s safe to assume disguising a smartphone sell as a 9/11 commemorative tweet is in poor taste. Unfortunately, AT&T didn’t get the memo before it posted this photo with the caption “Never forget” to both its corporate Twitter account and Facebook page Wednesday afternoon:

AT&T removed the BlackBerry Z10’s branding in the photo, but within minutes a maelstrom of angry tweets began pouring, in scorning the company for its decision to post. As of press time, the photo remains on the brand’s Facebook page, where it has garnered both criticism and support:

AT&T posted an apology shortly after deleting the original tweet:

And AT&T isn’t the only brand to have caused offense today. (For a running list branded 9/11 tweets, follow the comedian @JoeMande, who is keeping a running tally), or in the case of the Los Angeles Lakers, confusion. The Lakers’ social media team posted this slightly confusing photo of Kobe Bryant with the hashtag #NEVERFORGET, which has also since been deleted:

We have put in a request for comment to AT&T and will update this post if we hear back.

Update: An AT&T spokesperson responded to our request for comment offering the same text of the company’s apology tweet.

[Image: AT&T]CC