• 09.11.13

Unauthorized Movie Filmed Guerrilla-Style At Disney World Apparently Heading For a Theater Near You

And it looks amazing.

Disney has been known for its litigious nature in the past, going so far as to change copyright law in order to keep Mickey Mouse out of public domain. That’s why it’s kind of weird that a movie filmed at Disney World, unapproved by the Mouse House, even exists at all. After making a splash at Sundance this year, though, the intriguing Escape From Tomorrow appears to be heading for a theatrical release–and the first trailer is now online.


First-time director Randy Moore shot the film at the Florida theme park, guerrilla-style, over a series of visits with his crew and an unknown cast. Details of the terms Moore worked out with Disney remain under wraps for now, but the controversial matter seems to be settled. While the circumstances surrounding Escape’s production have dominated the conversation thus far, with the release of this trailer, perhaps talk will shift to the movie itself.

The hallucinatory Escape From Tomorrow tells the tale of a father completely losing his shit over the course of a day at a certain tourism Mecca. The preview eerily juxtaposes family-friendly scenes of life in The Happiest Place on Earth with surreal images of branded body horror–all in luminous black-and-white. It seems unlikely that such a cool concept would get a cool execution, but wish upon a star…

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