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Women In Tech 2010


Founder and CEO of the 2.0 Adoption Council

Susan Scrupski thinks there's a smarter way to work—and it's totally transparent. "Most people know what Facebook and Twitter are; imagine using those same type of tools to communicate internally in a big company," she says. "It's much more complicated, because you have all of these things that complicate the handling of data, like privacy, compliance, federal regulators. And in your job, you're not used to transparency. For as long we've had groups there's been competition, all this human nature we bring to the job, it's very unsettling to put everything out there and be yourself at work."

To help ease that transition in big corporations, Scrupski founded the 2.0 Adoption Council last June at the Enterprise 2.0 conference (of which she also sits on the board). The council gives up to two seats per company to enterprise 2.0 evangelists who work for companies with more than 10,000 employees and are actively involved in a 2.0 adoption effort, then offers advice and leadership on how to make the switch. "It's about winning the hearts and minds about the corporate workforce," Scrupski says. "There's a lot of discussion about change management and the philosophy of working in a 2.0 way." The council is nearing its first birthday and already has more than 170 members, including giants like Disney, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Nokia.