The iPhone 5C Reminds Us Of…

So yesterday we learned that the “C” in Apple’s iPhone 5C really did stand for “colors,” rather than cheap, as Apple’s keeping its iPhone 4S on sale as the really cheap option. The iPhone 5C is resplendent in its colorful polycarbonate jacket, a process that Apple went to great lengths to assure us is a product of high design and clever engineering. The shiny cases— in white, yellow, green, blue, and pink–are layered, complex, well thought out, and come with a long, lickable Apple heritage that goes back to the Bondi Blue iMac.

That’s the company line. The 5C will, rest assured, sell by the hundreds of millions.

But that fact doesn’t do anything to quell Apple naysayers, the diehard Android fanatics, or Nokia’s snarky PR team. To these folks, Apple’s colorful iPhones look silly, juvenile even. And if we’re being honest? Well…yes, there are more than a few long established, shiny, colorful products that the iPhone 5C really does bring to mind.

But does it matter? No. Apple is trying something new, and that’s a good thing. It worked for the iMac. It worked for the iPod Nano. It’ll probably work with the iPhone. We only wish there were more colors available, or that you could choose your own hue. Maybe Apple should release the design for the plastic iPhone 5C case so we can all 3-D print our own versions?KE