Intel’s New Mobile Strategy: Ultra-Cheap Tablets For All

Intel’s new CEO announced a new strategy for the chipmaker: Mobile first, and creating tech for low-cost, high-powered tablets to defeat the iPad.

Intel’s new CEO, Brian Krzanich, has some tricks up his sleeve. At the annual Intel Development Forum, the chip and tech giant went public with their 14-nanometer chips and plans for high-speed tablets that retail for under $100.

During his keynote, Krzanich said the new minichip–nicknamed Quark–would be targeted at mobile smart devices. Intel is now working on 4G LTE chips designed to compete with giants like Qualcomm. A slightly larger minichip manufactured by Intel, codenamed Bay Trail, is also designed to spearhead a sub-genre of low-priced, high-powered tablets that can retail for two digits. It’s one of Intel’s many secret weapons to compete with another large tech firm that held an event today.

In a statement, Intel’s Brenda Lynch said that the new chip is “designed to make experiences on Android and Windows tablets faster and more flexible, with lower power consumption and improved battery life compared with previous Intel chips for tablets. That kind of dexterity gives device makers more creative leeway to push the boundaries for new hardware designs.”

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