Why The iDoorCam Is An Indiegogo Sensation

Investors are going gaga for a smartphone-integrated doorbell that lets anyone screen visitors on a video app integrated into their iPhones or Androids.

Why The iDoorCam Is An Indiegogo Sensation

iDoorCam is that rarest of things: A bona fide Indiegogo phenomenon. The Wi-Fi- enabled doorbell, which lets users greet and buzz visitors in with their spankin’ new iPhones, surpassed its Indiegogo goal by more than 400% with a week of fundraising left. The iDoorCam team has raised $490,041 as of press time for their product when only $100,000 was sought; donations of $127 and above on the site earn users a combination doorbell/app package.

The doorbell, which integrates day and night cameras, a speaker, a microphone, and sensors, lets users buzz guests in remotely. As an extra bonus, the iDoorCam (which the makers openly compare to a product from The Jetsons) does not require a battery and takes screencaps of all visitors. At its root, iDoorCam is one of the most consumer-friendly iterations of this much discussed Internet of things movement. If a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell means you can screen visitors on video without getting up from the sofa, well, the Jetsons future already is here.

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