Nokia Tries To Make Fun Of Apple’s iPhone 5S: “Real Gangsters Don’t Use Gold Phones”

Nokia is taking to Twitter to poke fun at Apple’s new gold iPhone 5S. Funny, considering the company just sold its entire handset division to Microsoft.

During Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5S and 5C today, the social media team over at Nokia UK was hard at work tweeting snarky comments about the new phones from its corporate Twitter account.


Nokia, which, as you may know, recently agreed to sell its handset division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, first poked fun at the iPhone 5C, which comes in five blinding candy colors, by pointing back to its own colorful line of Lumias:

It could have stopped there, but Nokia wasn’t finished yet, this time calling on Breaking Bad antihero Walter “Heisenberg” White to get its message across:

The “gold phone” in question is this model Apple released today, which joins the classic black and white iPhone options:

Faithful Breaking Bad viewers may be familiar with (the very un-gangster) White’s penchant for using numerous burner phones to communicate with his cohorts. It’s funny, though–I can’t recall any one of them being a Lumia.

Although some Twitter users were amused by the riffs, ultimately the joke seemed to be on Nokia:

[Image: Flickr user timsnell]

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