This Tech Incubator Wants To Improve Your Hospital Stay

The Transcendent Lab is a new incubator, affiliated with the VA, dedicated to “engendering exponential benefits for humanity” through better health care, educational, and linguistics tech. Their first plan? Make your hospital stay better.

This Tech Incubator Wants To Improve Your Hospital Stay

A new tech incubator launched this week with a mission: funding and developing tech for people who need it the most. The Transcendent Lab is a startup incubator devoted to, as they put it, “engendering exponential benefits for humanity.” Right now, the incubator–which offers funding and assistance–is seeking entrepreneurs working in the health care, education, and social service spheres.

Companies will receive assistance raising funding of $1 million per project, and will be teamed with partners including the Veterans Affair Center for Innovation. The VA will serve as a major partner for the tech incubator, offering, as a press release puts it, “the vast network of resources at the VA, including clinicians and administrators who can serve as potential advisors and partners.” Parent company Transcendent Endeavors is best known for a line of medical tech products, including a bedside touchscreen app for hospital patients and a language learning program for medical professionals.

At the moment, Transcendent is seeking startups specializing in patient and caregiver engagement, interactive media for children, and products leveraging computational linguistics, behavior economics, and community-based participatory research.

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