An Immersive, Cinematic Approach To Showcasing Architecture Online

Every house tells a story. Present Plus creates an online experience to show off architecture for Powerhouse Company, using a mix of editorial content, photos, illustrations, and videos to showcase selected projects.


Major architects would seem to be likely candidates for having the most amazing websites. But in preparing to create an online experience for architecture and design firm Powerhouse Company, the team at Present Plus was surprised to see how many architects actually have mundane and uninspiring websites that serve as little more than a storehouse for archival photos. “We totally believe in experience, and if you are going to commission an architect to create your dream property, you should be able to see what they are capable of in as realistic a manner as possible, and video is key,” says the mono-monikered Nalden, who, along with Damian Bradfield, is co-founder of Present Plus, an Amsterdam-based creative studio specializing in design, product development, and film.


To that end, Present Plus created an immersive online experience for Powerhouse Company that uses a mix of editorial content, photos, illustrations, and videos to showcase projects. “We set out to tell a story,” Bradfield says, noting the information on each project is presented in such a way that people can consume just the basics or go for a deep-dive.

Click on Canal House HG, for example, and you can read all about the canal house apartment that had a cold, formal atmosphere with a confusing layout before it was transformed into a warm, elegant home, or you can skip the specifics of the renovation and peruse a slide show of photos. There is a video, too, showing off the gorgeous apartment in a way that really allows one to appreciate the space.

The film production team at Present Plus shot and edited original videos of each of the selected projects. The production values are high, and the clip for Victoire offers some pretty spectacular aerial shots of a yacht cruising across the water. “We shoot using drones so that we are able to cost effectively produce everything from the angles that really show the project in its best light,” according to Bradfield.

We’re huge fans of illustration

Some of the projects–including one for Fan Bridge, a bridge/public space located in Turku, Finland–are also brought to life via moving line drawings that look and feel as though they were made on an Etch A Sketch. “We’re huge fans of illustration,” Bradfield says.

At the moment, Present Plus is producing a feature on Powerhouse Company’s latest project at Erasmus University Rotterdam. “Our intention is to make this an ongoing showcase,” Bradfield says of the online experience, noting that as the Present Plus team continues to produce content, the goal is to simplify the process each and every time.

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