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Walmart Offering Up To $300 Credit For Your Old Smartphone

Trade in your iPhone for the new model at the same place you buy your jeans, Cheetos, and firearms.

Walmart Offering Up To $300 Credit For Your Old Smartphone

Starting September 21, Walmart is offering a trade-in program for iPhone and Android smartphones at 3,600 stores nationwide. Store credit—no cash—for a working smartphone tops out at $300 for an Apple iPhone 5, and can be as low as $52 for a Samsung Galaxy S2. Online, Walmart offers the additional ability to trade in other electronics for gift cards.

This is all part of Walmart's ongoing attempt to target consumer electronics retailers like comeback kid Best Buy, which has its own popular trade-in program.

In keeping with its sustainability policies, Walmart pledges not to send your old electronics to a landfill either here or overseas, although the press release has no details on any recycling program.

[Image: Flickr user Walmart Corporate]