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BlackBerry Ditching Dozens Of Its U.S. Staff

The company is letting go of some U.S.-based sales staffers as it tries to save the business.

BlackBerry Ditching Dozens Of Its U.S. Staff

BlackBerry is said to have let go of dozens of staff from its U.S. sales department yesterday, part of a continuing downsizing effort as the company tries to reduce costs and earn more money from its dwindling sales.

This may seem an odd move, since sales staff are key to achieving sales and thus income, but it makes sense if you consider that the core value of the BlackBerry brand lies in its technical expertise and its patent portfolio.

The company revealed in August it was in the process of looking at its options, a bleak suggestion that in the near future it would be looking for a buyer. Recent rumors suggested it wants to be bought by November, a timeline which may be adding pressure to cost-cutting moves like laying off staff.

[Image: Flickr user THE Holy Hand Grenade!]