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Sound Search, Vignettes, and YouTube: Google Glass Gets An Update

With Sound Search, Google eyes a sector currently dominated by Shazam. There are a few other updates, too.

Sound Search, Vignettes, and YouTube: Google Glass Gets An Update

Okay, Glass, here are a trio of new features for Google's wearable computer: Vignettes, Sound Search, and the addition of YouTube videos in search results. Vignette allows users to add a second photo to an existing photo, while the last two are logical progressions for the Glass UI as it increases in confidence.

See? That's Glass team member Mike LeBeau's Hawaiian vignette. Applause, please. While not groundbreaking, it is a fun addition to Glass's qualities.

Although Sound Search has been available on Google Voice since December 2012, the addition of it to Glass OS might still do a bit of damage to U.K. firm Shazam, whose music—and now TV—identifying tech is the go-to in that sector.

The team also announced it was undertaking a little experiment—what some folk might call a beta release. "You asked, we listened, we toiled and now we are building and testing Glass with Google Apps accounts. Some services, like email, are working already. Feel free to try it out by factory resetting your Glass, and signing in with your Google Apps account."

[Image: Flickr user tedeytan]