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Where Are They Now?

In Its Biggest Acquisition To Date, Twitter Buys Mobile Advertising Startup MoPub

The deal, thought to be for $350 million in stock, should help the microblogging site keep track of its advertising inventory on a minute-by-minute basis.

Twitter has announced the acquisition of a new advertising tool aimed at boosting its revenue. MoPub is a "mobile-focused advertising exchange" which reportedly cost the 140-character site $350 million in stock.

The point of MoPub, which is taking steps in the location-based world of advertising, is to help online publishers manage their mobile advertising inventory, allowing advertisers to bid in real time for online spots as soon as they are available. It's not clear whether the deal will make MoPub's technology available solely for Twitter users, or if Twitter is eyeing the way Google's DoubleClick functions by providing a mobile advertising platform for other publishers. But Twitter is attempting to positioning itself as a major force on the mobile advertising front.

[Image: Flickr user Joe Schlabotnik]

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