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Yahoo Tries To Reinvent The Art Of Channel Surfing With A Mobile Video App

Yahoo's NYC-based mobile engineering office debuts Yahoo Screen, a mobile video app featuring a stable of clips from partners like The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live.

Here's a news story out of Yahoo that, for once, isn't about another acquisition: The tech company has released Yahoo Screen, an iOS mobile video app that "turns your finger into a remote control," according to director of product management Robby Stein.

The video app launched with a new deal between Yahoo and Viacom to bring on clip archives from big Comedy Central shows such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Yahoo also struck a deal in April to acquire the exclusive streaming rights to the Saturday Night Live archive from its owner Broadway Video, and those clips are also available to view on Yahoo Screen alongside clips from other Yahoo video partners such as ABC News and Martha Stewart.

Yahoo Screen was built by members of the team behind the mobile recommendations app maker Stamped, which Yahoo acquired in October 2012.

[Image: Flickr user cliff1066]

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