A Scholarship To Fight Internet Censorship

A new grant program from the “Web We Want” campaign is funding research into secret government censorship projects worldwide.

A Scholarship To Fight Internet Censorship

Activists fighting web censorship worldwide have a new tool to make their lives a little easier: scholarships that help expose government surveillance of the Internet. The Web We Want movement has launched a small grants program for Internet activists worldwide. The grants program focuses on research that addresses urgent needs, capacity building, or censorship in a recipient’s home country.

According to the organization, the funding will allow national groups or coalitions to investigate their country’s surveillance policies, laws, and practices. The program’s funding will underwrite research to provide solid evidence of censorship and surveillance. The results of such research will later be published under the grant recipient group’s name.

Web We Want launched recently; the advocacy group is backed by Access, the World Wide Web Foundation, and a host of other organizations.

Applicants have until September 30 to submit proposals.

[Image: Wikimedia user Tarale]

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