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Dunkin' Donuts Is Debuting The First TV Ad Made Entirely On Vine

A mobile, social, multiscreen ad play in just five seconds.

For at least the past decade, Dunkin Donuts has been pushing its rounds of fried dough uphill in a Sisyphean quest to convince the world that it is a hip coffee company, not your dad's cruller joint.

Its latest attempt will debut during tonight's Monday Night Football pregame show on ESPN: a five-second "billboard" spot created entirely on Vine, the mobile, social video application whose 40 million young users are attracting a whole mini-industry's worth of branders, marketers, and advertisers. (The latest company to announce a Vine collaboration was the impeccably hip Airbnb.) Because the ad spot is just five seconds long, Dunkin' will have to cut one second from its Vine video.

Dunkin' is running a complicated play with its Vine spots, which will direct viewers to Twitter to view yet more Vines that will be tweeted out during the game and further publicized with promoted tweets to people already watching the game.

[image: Flickr user bunchofpants]

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