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The Code War

NSA Can Hack Into All Smartphones

Although the encrypted email of the BlackBerry was previously beyond the reach of the spooks, the NSA figured out how to do it in 2010, marking the breakthrough with one-word: "champagne!"

NSA Can Hack Into All Smartphones

The NSA is reportedly able to tap smartphones—including devices made by BlackBerry, which was thought to have a secure email system. Data from contact lists, SMS messages, notes, and location services are all up for grabs by the government agency, which has created separate teams to deal with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

The Washington Post revealed this weekend that the NSA won a secret 2011 ruling to extend its retention of intercepted U.S. communications from five to six years. Last week news broke that the spy agency was able to get round most online encryption systems used to protect people's private data.

Two months ago, BlackBerry lost its long-running battle with Indian authorities to keep its servers private. Today's revelations, however, will not do much for the firm, which is currently looking for a buyer.

[Image: Flickr user quinn.anya]