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Weekend Reading: An Oral History Of Apple

This generation's greatest business story is a design story.

Weekend Reading: An Oral History Of Apple

If there is one thing that CEO Tim Cook doesn't want people to know, it's what dwells behind his company's "signature." As a result, most efforts to explain design at Apple end up reducing a complex 37-year history to bromides about simplicity, quality, and perfection—as if those were ambitions unique to Apple alone. So Fast Company set out to remedy that deficiency through an oral history of Apple's design, a decoding of the signature as told by the people who helped create it. Catch up with the series so far:

1992: "Here Lies The Guy Who Hired Jonathan Ive"

2000: "He Wanted To Control Everything That Touched His Product"

2001: "Then Apple's Design Became Experiential"

2004: "The Holy Of Holies"

Be sure to listen to this great interview with Max Chafkin, author of the Byliner/Fast Company original e-book Design Crazy: Good Looks, Hot Tempers, and True Genius at Apple:

And be sure to check in with our Apple announcement live blog on Tuesday, September 10th.

[Image: Flickr user Carl Berkeley]