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If Approved, Drone Hunting Is Going To Be A Very Popular Sport

Deer Trail, Colo., has received about 1,000 checks around the country for drone-hunting licenses. The problem? The licenses don't exist yet.

Deer Trail, Colo. catapulted to the national spotlight in July when it proposed issuing drone-hunting licenses as a new source of revenue. Resident haven't voted on the local ordinance yet, but the town has already received about 1,000 personal checks from all over the country.

Town clerk Kim Oldfield told the Denver Post she had received and returned 983 checks totaling $19,006 as of two weeks ago, when she stopped keeping track of the letters flowing in. Though the ordinance won't be voted on until an Oct. 8 special election, Philip Steel, the man who proposed the drone-hunting licenses and a $100 bounty for drones brought down, is already selling novelty licenses online. He donated a portion of the $2,500 he made from 100 fake licenses to the town at a monthly board meeting.

[Image:; Flickr user nuklr.dave]

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