Dan Savage’s New Video Project Has Straight Christians Denouncing Anti-Gay Bigotry

How is it Christian for preacher/hate-megaphone Pat Robertson to announce that he wished Facebook had a “vomit” button for every time he saw a photo of a gay couple kissing?

Syndicated columnist and creator of the “It Gets Better Project” Dan Savage’s new project invites Christians to tell gay people, fellow Christians, and the rest of the world in simple terms, “It isn’t.” The “Not All Like That” project asks Christian folks to show support for all human rights, and specifically the gay community, by broadcasting their “NALT” status by video–just as LGBT people communicated messages of support to the younger, bullied LGBT generation through It Gets Better.

“The ‘It Gets Better’ Project was LGBT people talking to LGBT people,” Savage explains on the NALT website. “The NALT Christians project is Christians–and hopefully no small number of straight Christians–talking to LGBT people and other Christians, LGBT and straight.”

The NALT project, which launched yesterday, already has 41 video entries, but we’re expecting it to go viral. Savage explains that the term arose from Christians coming up to him at talks and telling him not all Christians were like the hate-mongers with the biggest soapboxes–that they supported the gay community and didn’t condemn homosexuality or transgendered folks as sin.

“Don’t tell me that not all Christians are anti-gay bigots–tell that to all the so-called anti-gay Christian leaders out there who claim to speak for all Christians,” Savage says. “Your silence allows the Tony Perkins and Pat Robertsons of the world to speak for you.”SB