• 09.06.13

Google’s London Campus Will Have A Running Track And Rooftop Pool

There will be no excuse for London Googlers to get porky.

Google got final approval last night for its new campus in London–and the planning application by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris reveals some nifty new details about what the firm’s 5,000 employees in the British capital can expect when the ribbon is cut on their new offices, sometime in 2016.


There is an emphasis on fitness, with a swimming pool and running track on the roof, as well as an inter-floor climbing wall for employees to use. The area reserved for bike parking is the equivalent to seven tennis courts, or 20,000 square feet.

How does it compare to other Google campuses we know and love? Here’s the firm’s existing London offices for you to check out.

[Images: Flickr user aaronx (pool image not actual Google HQ);]

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