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Where Are They Now?

Why IPhones With Bigger Screens Make Sense For Apple

The tech firm is said to be looking into iPhones with screens as large as six inches, even though they won't arrive until 2014. It's just business as usual.

Why IPhones With Bigger Screens Make Sense For Apple

Apple is reportedly investigating future generations of ithe Phone with screens as big as six inches across. This is a hot rumor just a week ahead of Apple's 2013 iPhone 5S/5C event, but the Wall Street Journal is careful to note the devices won't arrive then.

The rumor of iPhones with larger screens, even ones that are big enough to classify any such iPhone as a "phablet," is believable. Apple invented this entire touchscreen smartphone paradigm with the original iPhone, which came with a 3.5-inch screen, a size Apple based on usability, ergonomics, cost, availability of parts, and other factors. It stuck with that screen until last year's iPhone 5, which had a slightly larger, taller 4-inch display that was still friendly to pocket and hand size.

Apple is now looking at how it can broaden its iPhone range to cover more markets, and it would be dumb not to. But while Samsung is spamming the market with Galaxy-branded Android devices of every shape, color, and capability, Apple is traditionally much more conservative. Don't expect six different-screened iPhones to be revealed in October 2014. But if Apple wants to keep its ownership of three of the top four devices generating mobile ad impressions, it's certainly got to diversify.

[Image via Flickr user: Craig Howell]