Infographic Gets To The Heart Of Things NFL Fans Like

Walmart and donuts, Foot Locker and chicken wings–these are a few of your average NFL fan’s favorite things


You may have stereotypes of what a dedicated NFL fan likes, but Austin-based consulting firm PulsePoint has data. By partnering with Starcom MediaVest, the company examined what fans of different NFL teams “like” on Facebook–and the answers, while not shocking, at least affirm that every stereotype carries with it a grain of truth.

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For example: If you close your eyes and imagine a fan of the New England Patriots, you may have conjured up someone gruff and cocky stepping into a Dunkin Donuts on their way to Gillette Stadium–if so, Yahtzee! Patriots fans on Facebook love Dunkin Donuts. Meanwhile, the data also confirms that the latte-sipping football hippies you imagine rushing to a Starbucks to cheer on Pete Carroll’s new-age version of the Seattle Seahawks actually exists. In Boston, Seattle, Chicago (where Home Run Inn pizza takes the top spot) and Dallas (where it’s all about fast-food chain Whataburger), fans flock to hometown brands. Miami, meanwhile, not so much: the top brand among Dolphins fans is Dunkin Donuts, suggesting that viable team management isn’t the only thing about New England that Dolphins fans envy about their division rival Patriots.

Also, it appears that the endless ads work, at least if you’re a company that also sells chicken wings and “manly” soft drinks: According to Matt Ceniceros at PulsePoint, “Buffalo Wild Wings and Dr. Pepper rolled through all teams and clearly stand out as winners in social connection.”

Meanwhile, highlighting that the stereotype of people from Dallas as snobby and class-obsessed has some basis in reality, the Cowboys were the only team whose fans placed a department store–Macy’s–high enough in their “likes” to register. The rest of the league prefers Walmart.

Ultimately, the utility of this information is probably minimal–Facts like, “Chicago Bears fans like pizza” and “people in Boston identify strongly with Dunkin Donuts” aren’t exactly a revelation–but it’s interesting to see that regional brands like Whataburger and Home Run Inn resonate with local fans as strongly as national brands like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. At the very least, it’s something to consider as we count down the last few hours before the season finally kicks off.

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