With These 5 Free Apps You Can Save Time, Share Stuff, Eat Out, Go Crazy, And Much More

Hey, guess what? It’s Free App Friday, where we find the best free apps for you, freeing you up to… use the apps!


If you find yourself itching for some football, are in the mood to do some exploring (at home or abroad), or really just want to take care of that nagging toothache, we’ve got the (free!) apps for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so put it on today’s to-do list.

Triposo (iOS and Android)

Triposo is a full service travel app littered with options for nightlife, major sites, and restaurants. As a bonus, the app includes weather information and currency calculator.

Oh, and if you think it’s silly to download a travel app for your own city, think again. It’s not–you’ll be surprised at what your missing.

Web MD (iOS and Android)

Web Md’s mobile app recently received a full make over and now comes with a handy glossary of often misunderstood medical terms. With the app you can look up any ailment that’s bothering you (just take a deep breath and realize that a headache doesn’t mean you have a brain tumor), and find the best local clinic to get checked out.


Toucher Pro (Android)

Toucher Pro is the ultimate multitasking (and timesaving) app. Using a small pop-up interface, you can access a customizable list of shortcuts to your apps, system settings, or, really, anything you choose.

Deskconnect (iOS)

If you’re tired of emailing yourself images or videos from one device so you can access it all the rest, get Deskconnect for a seamless way to share files across all platforms.

Madden NFL 25 (iOS)

Full disclosure: reviews of Madden NFL 25 are quite mixed (well, pretty negative really), but if you’re a hardcore football fanatic it’s worth giving a try. The app pairs great gameplay (good!) with a complex leveling system to unlock additional features (not so good!).


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