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Jonah Peretti Takes To LinkedIn To Celebrate BuzzFeed's Profitability

"Earlier today I emailed all BuzzFeed employees outlining our plan for the coming year," wrote Peretti. "I wanted to share the memo here on LinkedIn so future BuzzFeed employees could read it too. ;)"

Jonah Peretti Takes To LinkedIn To Celebrate BuzzFeed's Profitability

BuzzFeed is looking good. So good, in fact, that Jonah Peretti published his staff memo on numbers to LinkedIn. There were 85 million unique visitors to the site in August, making the site three times bigger than this time last year and eight times bigger than two years ago. On top of that, Buzzfeed "also booked record profits in August. We’ve gone from zero revenue four years ago to a profitable company with over 300 employees," Peretti said.

He credits much of the network's success to BuzzFeed's custom-built platform. "It wasn't easy to build our own technology from scratch," he wrote, adding, "there are great tech companies and great editorial institutions, but it is very rare for one company to take both as seriously as we do."

Credit also had to be laid at the feet of the BuzzFeed iPhone app, its innovation in social content advertising, as well as its editor and one of the Most Creative People of 2012, Ben Smith. The founder also talked about some of his plans, which included more news, new formats, a brand-new social video studio opening in Los Angeles, and more international versions of the site. "It is an outrage that there are countries and languages where people don’t get to enjoy BuzzFeed!" wrote Peretti.

Cue outrageous listicle.

[Image: Flickr user therealbrute]