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Where Are They Now?

Yahoo Unveils New Logo: "Whimsical, Personal And Proud"

After 30 days of testing various designs, the company has finally landed on one.

Yahoo Unveils New Logo: "Whimsical, Personal And Proud"

Yahoo's new logo is here. Unveiled last night on the firm's Tumblr after a monthlong logo-a-day campaign, it's—well, it's not that different from the old one. A little bit more serious, perhaps, but still with that delicious screamer at the end. And what does the second, larger O signify? It's playful, says one Yahoo employee—the CEO.

Marissa Mayer has already described the new design as "whimsical, yet sophisticated." Her blogpost, entitled "Geeking Out on the Logo" said she and the logo design team decided that they wanted something with a human touch that was personal and proud. Straight lines were out, since they "don't exist in the human form and are extremely rare in nature."

Of course, the logo was met with a healthy batch of criticism when it was unveiled:

The logo is being rolled out on the site, but it hasn't reached the right-hand sidebar of Yahoo's press room yet. Here is the story behind the new logo's design.