Livestream Brings All-Live Video Streaming To Roku Devices

Roku’s new Livestream channel is the set-top box maker’s first all-live video hub.

Livestream Brings All-Live Video Streaming To Roku Devices

Roku today introduced a new channel from Livestream, the all-live video streaming company whose tools are used by outlets like the New York Times, ESPN, and Warner Bros. Records to broadcast live programming.

Livestream joins hundreds of other Roku channels like HBO Go, Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu. Some Roku channels have had some live broadcasting in their programming for live sports events, but Livestream is the first channel on the platform to offer continuous live content.

The deal exposes Livestream’s 30 million monthly viewers to Roku, which sells several streaming TV devices, and marks Livestream’s first foray into television. Livestream CEO Max Haot tells CNet that Roku is the first of several connected TV devices the company is working to launch in the next few months.

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