LSD Panda, Richard Nixon, and Many More New Emoticons That The World Needed

Some emotions are so complicated that none of the words contained in our existent dictionaries quite cover them, as we mentioned previously. Well, some emoticons are equally complex, and in fact, require your help finding names.

Newmoticons is an emoticon-generating website that lets users christen its unique concoctions. Created by New York-based agency OKFocus, Newmoticons uses special characters in up to 500,000 combinations to form emoticons that you can name, and then tweet about it.

Similar to the animal-heavy emoticon action on Demetri Martin’s social media, Newmoticons goes well beyond the smiley-face realm to form whole creatures, people, actions, or highly specific emotions. Too bad there isn’t an emoticon for being overwhelmed by an array of emoticons. Well, there isn’t one yet, anyway, but perhaps one of the ones on this site will do.

Have a look through the slides above for some of our favorites.

H/t to Laughing SquidJB